Environmental Ltd
Asbestos Removal Consultancy Surveys
1 Roof sheets, slates and tiles
2 Guttering and drainpipe
3 Wall cladding
4 Soffit boards
5 Panel beneath window
6 Roofing felt and coating to metal wall cladding



7 Lagging on boiler, pipework, caloriier etc.
8 Damaged lagging and associated debris
9 Paper lining under non-asbestos pipe lagging
10 Gasket in pipe and vessel joints
11 Rope seal on boiler access hatch and between cast iron boiler sections
12 Paper lining inside steel boiler casing
13 Boiler flue
14 Spray coating to ceiling, walls, beams/columns
15 Loose asbestos in ceiling/floor cavity
16 Tile, slats, canopiesand firebreaks above ceilings
17 Textured coatings and paints
18 Loose asbestos inside partition walls
19 Partition walls
20 Panel beneath window
21 Panel lining to lift shaft
22 Paneling to vertical and horizontal beams
23 Panel behind electrical equipment
24 Panel on access hatch to service riser
25 Panel lining service riser and floor
26 Heater cupboard around domestic boiler
27 Panel behind/under heater
28 Panel on, or inside, fire door
29 Bath panel
30 Floor tiles, linoleum and paper backing, lining to suspended floor
31 Lagging
32 Gaskets
33 Anti-vibration gaiter
34 Gaskets, rope seals and panels in domestic boilers
35 'Caposil' insulating blocks, panels, paper, string etc. in domestic heater
36 String seals on radiators
37 Fire blanket
38 Water tank
39 Brake/clutch lining
PLEASE NOTE: This diagram does not show all possible uses and locations of asbestos-containing materials. A detailed survey will be required to identify all asbestos-containing materials present in a building.